Top 5 Reasons to Attend Our March 20 Member Meeting


The DuKane Chapter will hold its monthly members meeting on Tuesday, March 20, beginning promptly at 7:30 PM. As always our meeting will take place at the American Legion in downtown West Chicago. Why should you bother to come? Here are five good reasons to attend, not only this month but every month.

  1. We maintain a very welcoming atmosphere, for members and prospective members alike. Whether you come with friends or come alone, we will attempt to make you feel welcome. If you are a first-timer, please let one of our board members know, so that we can welcome you.
  2. For anybody wanting to get a feel for what the DuKane Chapter is all about, there is no better way than to attend one (or several) of our meetings. We could tell you anything we want on our website or in our brochures. If you really want to learn something about any organization, go hang out with them for a while.
  3. You’ll get the latest updates on upcoming events from the chapter as well as from friends of the chapter. Chapter event details are often finalized at our monthly meetings. In addition, this is also where we sometimes learn about events outside of our chapter, before they become common knowledge. If you are into local motorcycle events, this is the place to be.
  4. We are birds of a feather. If you put a bunch of motorcyclists in a room—be they sport riders, touring riders, off-road riders, or hardcore biker types—what do you imagine they are going to talk about? It’s a common passion, a common thread that weaves us all together. You have to experience it to truly understand it.
  5. We are your window to motorcyclist-relevant legislation in Springfield and beyond. In essence, this is what we are and what we do. Are you concerned about ethanol-enriched fuels? Autonomous vehicles? Distracted/impaired driving laws? Noise ordinances? Motorcyclist profiling? See you at the meeting.

If any of the above is of any interest to you whatsoever, then we hope to see you at the meeting. Questions? Concerns? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Every DuKane Member Counts!

Being a motorcycle rights organization (MRO) is all about strength in numbers. But DuKane didn’t become the thriving chapter that it is just by collecting names on a roster. We invite and encourage active participation among all members, newbies and veterans alike. Everybody has something to offer and that’s what makes us great.


Become a Member, Remain a Member!
This is a very exciting time to belong to the DuKane Chapter. The 2018 Chapter Board includes many new members who are infusing their fresh ideas into an already-great mix. From our new website to our improved slate of events, this will not be business as usual for the DuKane Chapter.

Becoming a member of the DuKane Chapter is easy! Simply visit our membership page, download the application/renewal form, fill it out and send it to us with the specified fees. The state office will send your member materials after processing. In the meantime, go ahead and get acquainted with your chapter! Start by attending our monthly meetings. We meet every third Tuesday of each month at the American Legion in downtown West Chicago at 7:30 PM. Upon arriving, just mention that you are new to the chapter and we’ll take it from there.

If you are already a member of the DuKane Chapter, please remain one. Have you renewed for 2018? If not, please consider doing so right now. The form and instructions for new membership also apply to renewals. We need you!

No Inner Circle, No Secret Handshake
We are not a club or a gang; we are a motorcycle rights organization. As such, we are all connected by our common interests and passion for motorcycling. This means you are one of us from the moment you join. At the DuKane Chapter, a member is a member is a member. You need no further qualifications to take part in any of our member activities and events. We’ll be glad to see you and would welcome your active participation.

Try Us
Whether you are considering membership in the DuKane Chapter or wanting more out of your existing membership, we welcome your questions, concerns, and inquiries. Come to our meetings. Attend our events. And by all means, share your questions and concerns with any or all of the DuKane Chapter Board. We will be glad to assist you!

Many New Things from DuKane ABATE

We’ve got a lot of new things going on in 2018 at the DuKane Chapter. These are just a few highlights.

New Website
WebsiteThe DuKane Chapter launched an all-new website this month. Be sure to check it out and please, share the new site with your friends too. This is a stand-alone site, with its own domain.

DuKane Blog
We’re sort of stating the obvious with this one, but along with the new website, we have a new blog. You can subscribe to updates or just follow us on social media, where we will be posting links to new posts on a regular basis.

NewsletterDuKane Newsletter
It’s back! Beginning with the February issue, the DuKane Chapter Newsletter is back in production and better than ever! Digital copies will always be made available for download via the Newsletter page of our website and a limited number of hard copies will be available for pickup at our monthly member meetings. Be sure to get yours!

February Member Meeting
IMG_0584Those who put up with the soggy weather were treated to an excellent meeting on February 20, which included an appearance by Jeff Keicher, a candidate for State Representative in the 70th district, who shared his thoughts on a variety of issues and fielded a number of questions from DuKane members. Chapter President Judy Kaenel shared the latest legislative news sent in by Amanda Gotte following the latest State BOD meeting in Springfield. Representatives of three IMG_0587upcoming events: the Southern DuPage ABATE annual Topless Tour on June 3 (link not available), Harley Fest of Illinois on June 16, and the Tim Jordan Memorial Ride on September 2. Tim’s parents also presented Judy with another donation from Tim Jordan Memorials to DuKane’s Downed Rider Fund at the meeting.

Our next member meeting will be Tuesday, March 20. Remember, ALL DuKane Chapter members (and their guests) are strongly encouraged to attend the monthly meetings.

That’s all for now! Please share this post with your friends!