DuKane A.B.A.T.E. BOD Election Results

The results are in from the DuKane Board of Directors election! This is the DuKane BOD for 2022:

  • President – Chris Hansen
  • Vice President – Hej Hog
  • BOD Rep – Kley Abel
  • Legislative Coordinator – Randy Ramey
  • Treasurer – Tina Hejnar
  • Secretary – Amy Nelson
  • Events Officer – Chris Newman
  • Membership – Mark Del Monaco
  • Public Relations/Webmaster – Nathan Klapatch
  • Newsletter – Mike Nicholson
  • Safety & Ed – Steve Waltz
  • Road Captain – Allan “Viper” Gilbert
  • Independent Rep – John Bloch

We have several familiar faces as well as some new volunteers-Mark Del Monaco and Allan “Viper” Gilbert-who were willing to get involved with A.B.A.T.E. We would like to thank everyone for choosing to play a role in our chapter!

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